SMSC and Soccer Community,
 How would you like a job where you get paid to:
1.  Stay in shape.
2.  Learn a different aspect of soccer.
3.  Be yelled at, scrutinize and criticize and no matter what you do, you are always wrong.  (But unlike marriage you get the final say)
4.  Build your man management skill, personality and most importantly your patience.
5.  Be an influential part of every game, positively.
6.  Only have to be right half the time (weatherman)
 So for all those that think you have what it takes, BECOME A SOCCER REFEREE!!!!!!! 
As you are aware, we were short on referees the first two weeks of the season.  There were numerous games with only 2 and 1 officials.  Right now we are experiencing a shortage of referees, specifically adult and older teens (16-18 yrs).  So I challenge you to become a referee.
There is a Grade 9 course this Saturday Dec 3 at 8am, cost is $70 if you register online and $80 at the door.  You can easily make this money back after 1 or 2 days of work.  There are still about 20 slots remaining, minimum age is 12 years old or turn 12 within a month of the course.  A grade 9 will let you start as a recreational referee (all SMSC games) for a year.  At the end of the year, you will be able to upgrade to a grade 8 referee (Select games).
To sign up, go to  On the right hand side to the page, click on the black tab that say referee course.  Double click and look for the Grade 9 course on Dec 3 in Gulfport.  Register online and attend the course.  Once you pass the course, email me and I’ll get you started on where to get uniforms and put you to work. 
If you have any questions, my contact is below.

Thai Huynh

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