MSA President’s Cup (Division 2 State Tournament)

U12 Boys – 2nd place (Coach Shane Whitfield)

 MSA State Cup (Division 1 State Tournament)

U11 Girls – 2nd place (Coach Fredy)
U12 Girls – 2nd place (Coach Fredy)
U13 Boys – 1st place (Coach Jeff Bruni)
U15 Boys – 1st place (Coach Jeff Bruni)
U17 Girls – 3rd place (Coach Fredy)

HFC Classic / Battle at the Burg

U8 Boys – 2nd place (Navy) – SMSC Dominators (Coach Cowles Symmes)
U10 Girls – 1st place (White) – FC United Quickshots (Coach Russ Carothers)
U12 Girls – 2nd place (Navy) – FC United Pressure (Coach Fredy)
U12 Girls – 1st place (White) – SMSC Dream Team (Coach Steve Huckabee)
U7 Boys – 1st place (White) – SMSC United (Coach Michelle Jeanfreau)
U12 Boys – 1st place (White) – SMSC Mustangs (Coach Lee Mayet)
U12 Boys – 2nd place (Red) – SMSC Cyclones (Coach Shane Whitfield)

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