U5-U8 Awards Ceremonies

Please plan to attend your age group ceremony to assist with the medals.  This is your reward for the hard work that you have spent over the past year.  The information is listed below:

Saturday, March 8th 11:00 U5 & U6 Teams will gather under the pavilion. 12:00 U8 Teams will gather under the pavilion.

SMSC Division 3 VP and Commissioners will talk to the group of parents for approximately 10 minutes and then hand out medals to each player.  Every player (U5-U8) will leave the field with a medal hanging on their neck!

If a player is missing from the ceremony for any reason, the coach will need to let their commissioner know while we are handing out the medals and we will give you one for each player who was unable to attend.

NO medals will be given out before the ceremony for any reason!  Please make sure that your players attend the ceremony to get their medal, this is important to the players and they have worked hard all year to earn this privilege.

Thank you for your time and for all that you have done during the season.