Board of Directors

SMSC’s Board of Directors are all volunteers who are working hard to allow the children of SMSC to play the best soccer that can be provided. If anyone should ask you who they should contact within SMSC concerning a particular issue, please heed the following. Please also help educate our coaches and parents about this “chain of command.” Adhering to this set-up assists in more efficient and productive responses. Contacting the correct offiicial first will get the information needed or problem solved in the most timely manner possible:

  • All complaints and information in connection with complaints involving potential or alleged violations of the Code of Ethics, are to be forwarded in writing to SMSC President and the First Vice-President who chairs the Disciplinary Committee.
  • All information and questions related to referees are to be forwarded to the Head Referee.
  • Queries about the recreational program  (e.g., scheduling) are to be sent to the Vice-President responsible for DIII.
  • Questions about the select program (FC United) are to be sent to the Vice-President responsible for DI.
  • Questions about sponsorships of any kind and signage should be directed to the VP Of Marketing.
  • Questions regarding money should be directed to the Treasurer.
  • Questions or complaints involving tournaments are to go to the Tournament Director.

NOTE: All listed phone numbers are Area Code 228, unless otherwise indicated.


Position (click to email)

Office Holder





Jeff Bruni


VP of Select

Jason Rollins


VP of Recreational

Steve Huckabee


VP of Marketing

Michelle Jeanfreau



Chuck Rollins



Mary Harvey


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