Rec Rules

1. Rules of Play

All rules for playing the game shall conform to FIFA “Laws of the Game”.  These laws are updated yearly and we will follow the most current release.  Visit to find the latest rules.  South Mississippi Soccer Club (SMSC) will post exceptions to the “Laws of the Game” that pertain only to SMSC club games, club tournament and other such designated games.  These exceptions will also differ for the different age groups within SMSC.  In any case of conflict, we will rely on the “Laws of the Game” to get the official “Laws of the Game”.  SMSC has followed MYSA direction and is using “Small Sided Play”.  “Small Sided Play” means teams do not use the traditional 11v11 format that is used in the professional soccer world.

The following team and field sizes will be used:

  • U5-U6 = 4v4, Field 25yd x 20yd
  • U7-U8 = 5v5, Field 50yd x 30yd
  • U10 = 6v6, Field 60yd x 40yd
  • U12 = 8v8, Field 70yd x 45yd
  • U14 and up = 11v11

2. Registration

Registration for all players in SMSC will be conducted through our Registrar.  Registration will be advertised and continue for a set period that may vary from year to year.  Typically, registration starts in August and concludes in mid September.  Team formation occurs in early October.  Fees my increase or decrease from year to year based on any number of factors such as season length, MYSA dues, insurance, referee fees, uniform cost, equipment purchases and other factors.  Any player who registers with SMSC will be placed on a team.

Teams are formed from three (3) sub-pools within SMSCs domain.  Sub-pools are Gulfport (South of I-10), Orange Grove (Gulfport north of I-10 and Harrison county) and Long Beach-Pass Christian.  Sub-pools are used to try to form teams with children who know each other and attend the same schools as well as cut down the distances required to attend practice.

Late registration will be accepted with a late fee and if openings exist on formed teams, the child will be placed on a team.  If teams are already at maximum players allowed in your sub-pool you may be offered a team in another sub-pool that is short players.

3. Age Groups

Age groups for team formation are as follows: U5, U6, U7, U8, U10, U12, U14, U16 and U19.  U16 and U19 registration does not occur until later in the year (after High School season is over). Further division between Boys and Girls starts at the U7 age group. For U5 and U6 ages, SMSC plays boys and girls together. For U7 and up, single gender teams are formed.

4. Season

SMSC will schedule a regular season and tournaments.  Regular season play will consist of a fixed number of games, all played on Saturdays, at the County Farm Soccer Complex.  The season has typically been a minimum of twelve games and as many as 15.  We have traditionally started in November with the Turkey Shootout Tournament as one the first times for teams to play.

The regular season may start in early November with 6 to 7 games being played before we take off for Christmas coming back in January to finish the rest of the games.  Our club tournament is set two weeks before the MYSA Southern District Tournament which is usually in April.

The teams that win at the MYSA Southern District Tournament continue on to the Tide Cup for the State Championship which might be in early May.  All Star selection and participation can take SMSC players to games all the way to July.

5. Roster, Transfer and Release

Roster and Transfer will conform to MYSA:

Player Release will conform to MYSA:

Team Formation

Teams are formed by SMSC Board members before the season starts. Information found on the registration forms filled in by the parent/guardian at the time of registration is all the information that the board members have to classify each childs abilities. Team formation by SMSC tries to make the teams as even as possible.

The information asked for on the registration form includes:

  • Age
  • Years played
  • Skill level (Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, Highly Advanced)
  • Other soccer played (High School/Varsity, All Star, Select)

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