Rec Rules

All players on the Roster will receive a complete uniform.  A complete set includes jersey, shorts and socks.  Any player not receiving a complete uniform should inform the coach of any deficiencies.  Uniforms will be numbered from 1 to the number of jerseys per team.  Sizes for uniforms will be determined from registration forms and orders placed using that information.  SMSC tries very hard to have uniforms for every child before the season starts but exceptions do happen.  All efforts will be made to get your child a complete uniform.  Names on uniforms are not included and must be paid for by the team.  Sponsorship logos are applied after SMSC receives the sponsors check.  Jersey colors can be chosen by the coach, only if the team has a sponsor and the sponsor has paid before the uniform order is made.  Jersey colors will be limited by the manufacturer.  All shorts will be black.  Socks will match the jersey. SMSC has typically supplied one Goalie jersey for the team to share. It is the responsibility of the Coach to keep track of this special jersey for use on game days.

SMSC does not supply cleats or shin guards. The purchase of these items is the sole responsibility of the parents or guardian of the child. NO CHILD WILL BE ALLOWED TO PLAY WITH OUT SHIN GUARDS. The shin guard policy extends to practice time as well as games. Cleats are optional but highly recommended.

9. Teams

Teams will be formed to conform with MYSA:

The number of teams in each age group and sub-pool will be dependant on the number of registrations.  Team sizes will vary with age group.

10. Participation

ALL PLAYERS ON A ROSTER AND ATTENDING A GAME MUST PLAY AT LEAST 50% OF THE GAME.  This is the overriding mandate of Recreational Soccer.  Do not allow your child to be cheated out of his/her required playing time.  If your child is not allowed to play 50%, you should immediately find the Field Marshall, Head Referee, or a Board Member of SMSC and report it.  Exceptions to this rule are players who are serving Red card suspensions, a child who may have an illness which does not allow him to play but still attend, and other disciplinary actions from either the coach or the parents.  All the mentioned exceptions should be reported to the Referee before play starts.  The Referee should note the exceptions and inform the opposing coach before play starts and the SMSC Head Referee after the game.

11. Red Card Infraction Penalties

Players that receive a Red card or cumulative Red card, ie. two yellows in the same game, will be removed from the current game and will be required to sit out the next regularly scheduled game as well. Straight Red, Sending-off Offenses (Laws of the Game, Law 12), will result in a report being sent to the 1st Vice President, Disciplinary committee, and possible additional action added to the mandatory 1 (one) game suspension. Cumulative Red cards, two yellows, while serious enough to warrant a 1 game suspension, will not generally come before the Disciplinary committee for further action.

Coaches who are ejected from a game will incur a one game (or more) suspension of the next scheduled game. All coach ejections will automatically come before the Disciplinary committee for review and possible further sanctions as per the MSA “Code of Ethics“.

Players serving a suspension must report to the game referee before play commences and the referee will then report that the player did meet the one game suspension requirements. After the game is over the player will then be returned to an eligible status and be available for the next game. Failure to report to the referee before the game starts will not remove the one game suspension which will carry over to the next scheduled game.

Coaches will report to the Head referee or SMSC official before the start of the next game to serve their suspension. Failure to do so will not fulfill the suspension requirements and the suspension will carry over to the next game.

12. Representatives to MYSA Year End Tournaments

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