Rec Rules

All teams are encouraged to participate in the SMSC Club Tournament.  All teams, no matter what the regular season record, can participate.  The winner and the runner-up teams in each age group and gender are guaranteed a berth in the MYSA Southern District Tournament.  Additionally, the third and fourth place teams may be asked to participate.  The tournament moves around every year so some travel may be required with an overnight stay possible.  All tournaments are two days and will require play on Sunday.  If your team places first or second in the SMSC Club Tournament, SMSC expects that team to participate in the MYSA Southern District Tournament and the Tide Cup if the team advances.  No funds from MYSA will be used to help teams travel to these events.  All expenses will be covered by the team itself.

13. Tournament Participation

The Turkey Shootout, Great Day of Soccer Girls Tournament and the Club Tournament are all optional tournaments and not required.  The Club Tournament is free and open to all SMSC teams, regardless of regular season record.  All teams are encouraged to participate and compete for the “Season Championship”.  If you participate and qualify for the MYSA District Tournament, you are expected to represent SMSC.  Only the most dire circumstances will excuse a team from district play.

14. Officiating

All games will have some form of “Officiating”.  U5-U8 will have Coaches on the field enforcing the rules and encouraging the players.  The Coaches will also be responsible for keeping the quarters to the allowed time. U10 and up will have paid referees supplied by SMSC and assigned by the Head Referee.  Each game with referees will have three referees, a Referee and two Assistant Referees (AR).  The Referee will be on the field with the players and is the senior official present.   The ARs will be off the field and on opposite sides of the field watching for balls over the line as well as infractions on the field.  The AR can make calls just like the Referee but the Referee has over-rule capability and has the final decision on any calls made.  Time will be kept by the Referee on the field.

15. Forfeits, Postponements, and Rainouts

All Coaches are responsible for getting game times to their players and parents.  Game times and schedules will be posted on the SMSC web site as soon as they are available.  Changes to the schedules can occur due to factors such as weather, tournament scheduling, team reformation and other things.  Check the schedule often and make sure you are going by the latest version.

Any team not playing at their assigned time without prior dispensation will forfeit that game which will be recorded as a loss.  While this is not a big deal for your regular season record, it does have a negative quality.  First, you are depriving two teams the opportunity to play soccer.  That is what everyone signed up for and we strive to have the best soccer experience for every player in SMSC.  Second, if referees have been assigned to the game, they get paid.  This monetary loss for no reason might have been avoided by a phone call to a commissioner the day before with the possibility of rescheduling.

Blatant disregard of the rules can result in a FORFEIT.
For example: A Coach does not play two players 50% of a game in an attempt to gain an advantage by sitting the weaker players. Not only will a forfeit be assessed but the Coach will be brought before the Disciplinary Committee for further action.

Official Postponements and Rainouts will be rescheduled if possible.  Rescheduling might involve as few as two teams or the entire league.  Single game days might turn into double-headers in the case of a rainout.  Check with your commissioner and the web site for any revised schedules.

16. Discipline

Any infraction of the rules, Laws of the Game, or other situations might result in disciplinary action being taken against the offending Parent, Coach, Player, relative or Fan.  MYSA has issued a Code of Ethics (section 4.6), which will be used to by SMSC as a guide for the Disciplinary Committee when any matter comes before it.

17. Protests

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