U7 & U8

Field Size

45 yards long x 30 yards wide

Goal Size

The goals will be 6 feet high by 12 feet wide (6ft. x 12ft.). There will be a goal at each end of the field.

Ball Size

No. 3

Number of Players

Each team shall consist of no more than eight (10) total players. Boys and Girls will teams will be formed separately. Play on the field will be four on four (5v5). Goalkeepers will be used and must play at least one quarter on the field.

Required Playing Time

Each player is required to play 50% (half) of each game they attend.


Substitutions will be made at the Quarter and Halftime breaks. Substitutions for injured players will be allowed.

Game Length

Games will consist of four quarters. Each quarter will last ten (10) minutes. The first and second quarter will be separated by a two (2) minute break. Half time will be five (5) minutes and start at the end of the second quarter. The third and forth quarters also be separated by a two minute break. Total playing time is forty-nine (49) minutes.

Season Length

The season length will vary year-to-year. A typical season will start with practice starting in October and finishing in March. The number of games will be between 12 and 15. Outside factors such as Hurricanes may alter the season schedule drastically.


Uniforms will be supplied by SMSC at the beginning of the season. Coaches will receive them to distribute to the team. Players are required to wear the supplied jersey to games. Exceptions will be made to the use of the shorts during cold/inclement weather. Dress your child for the expected conditions and pull the jersey over the top of what they are wearing to play the game(s). All players are required to shin guards under their socks.

Referees & Coaching

Coaches will not be allowed on the field during the games. Each team will be allowed only 1 Coach and 1 Assistant Coach. Parents are asked to sit on the opposite side of the field from the coaches. Coaches will be required to stay within a ten yard area in front of their bench. The area will not cross the midfield line. A referee will be assigned by the head-referee. Any infractions should be explained by the referee to the players and if need be, the coach.

Start/Restart of Play

Game play will start with one team “kicking off” from the center line. Who will kick-off is determined by a coin toss or method determined by the referee. All balls that are kicked off the field over the side-lines will be thrown back into play at the point the ball left the field. Improper throw-ins can be retaken once. Opponents must stand 4 yards away from any free kick or throw-in. After a goal is scored, play will restart at the center line.


The offside rule will not be applied.

Fouls and Misconduct

All fouls will be assessed with an indirect free kick. No cards will be shown or given for misconduct.

Free Kicks

All Free Kicks are indirect, with opponents standing no closer than four (4) yards.

Penalty Kicks


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