U7 & U8

Throw ins

All balls that are kicked off the field over the side-lines will be thrown back into play at the point the ball left the field. Improper throw-ins can be retaken once.

Goal Kicks

Goal kicks will be taken 2-3 yards from the goal line anywhere across the width of the field at the nearest point the ball was retrieved. Opponents can stand no closer than four (4) yards.

Corner Kicks

Corner kicks are taken when the defensive team kicks the ball over the end-line on the side closest to the point where the ball went out. Opponents can stand no closer than four (4) yards.


Refer to SMSCs weather policy.


Protests of game scores will not be allowed. SMSC does want to know if any player on either team did not play 50% of the game when the player was physically able to play and wanted to play.


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