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Informaton for all SMSC Coaches, Parents and Players!!!!

The Mississippi Youth Soccer Association (MYSA) has instituted a “Code of Ethics” (go to the bottom of the document) which apply to anyone and everyone who plays, coaches or watches soccer at an MYSA affiliated event.This policy is all encompassing of any behaviors that are detrimental to the game. These “Code of Ethics” will be enforced by SMSC and penalties will be assessed if the actions of the individual are deemed to fall into any of the catagories listed. Any person accused of a violation of the “Code of Ethics” will be given a hearing before the Disciplinary committee where they will be allowed to defend their actions or refute accusations. Any penalties assessed by SMSC may be appealed to MYSA.

SMSC is a Recreational Soccer Club. Our teams fall into the Division III – Recreational Program of the Mississippi Youth Soccer Association (MYSA). To quote from MYSA:

Purpose: The Division III – Recreational Level is the MYSA entry playing level for boys and girls UnderĀ 5 through Under 19 Coed and single gender teams. It is the developmental playing division, which U.S. Youth Soccer Association requires its State Associations to provide.

Objectives: Its registered teams are formed for the express purposes of teaching the necessary playing abilities and skills of The Game; maximum game and practice participation of each rostered player; physical and mental fitness; and the enjoyment of The Game. Division III teams are not formed to play competitive level soccer. All programs in the Under 5, Under 6, Under 7 and Under 8 age groups shall play either 3 on 3 or 4 on 4 play. Single year age divisions shall be used whenever possible. Boys and girls programs should be separated though under special circumstances girls may be allowed to play in the boys division. For details refer to Small Sided Games.

To paraphrase, these games should beĀ FUN! Our job is to teach the basic skills of soccer, teamwork and a joy of playing the game. No team from SMSC will be entering the World Cup. As a Coach, you should understand that while winning is an enjoyable component of the game, it is not as important as teaching the skills needed for the game. As a coach, you should remember that as your child advances and continues to play the game, the players from the other teams will eventually be on yours. Cheering a good play by your opponent sets a great example and will pay off in the future. One goal of all Division III coaches is to have all of their players return the next season. If every child you coach this year plays next year, YOU WIN!

Coaches you need to understand that as a Division III club, winning is not the most important thing to be teaching. Running up the score on a team falls under the “Sportsmanship” part of the “Code of Ethics”.



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