The South Mississippi Soccer Club is run by volunteers who give their time to the children and the sport of soccer. Our mission is to provide a fun and safe environment for our children to develop a life long love of soccer. To achieve this we need adults who volunteer their time to teach the kids the game of soccer.

SMSC is a Recreational Soccer Club. Our teams fall into the Division III – Recreational Program of the Mississippi Youth Soccer Association (MYSA). To quote from MYSA:

The Division III – Recreational Level is the MYSA entry playing level for boys and girls Under 5 through Under 19 coed and single gendered teams. It is the developmental playing division, which U.S. Youth Soccer Association requires its State Associations to provide.

Its registered teams are formed for the express purposes of teaching the necessary playing abilities and skills of The Game; maximum game and practice participation of each rostered player; physical and mental fitness; and the enjoyment of The Game. Division III teams are not formed to play competitive level soccer. All programs in the Under 5, Under 6, Under 7 and Under 8 age groups shall play either 3 on 3 or 4 on 4 play. Single year age divisions shall be used whenever possible. Boys and girls programs should be separated though under special circumstances girls may be allowed to play in the boys division. For details refer to Small Sided Games.

To paraphrase, these games should be FUN! Our job is to teach the basic skills of soccer, teamwork and a joy of playing the game. No team from SMSC will be entering the World Cup. As a Coach, you should understand that while winning is an enjoyable component of the game, it is not as important as teaching the skills needed for the game. As a coach, you should remember that as your child advances and continues to play the game, the players from the other teams will eventually be on yours. Cheering a good play by your opponent sets a great example and will pay off in the future. One goal of all Division III coaches is to have all of their players return the next season. If every child you coach this year plays next year, YOU WIN!

What is US Youth Soccer?
The Game for All Kids! At US Youth Soccer and SMSC we provide a fun, safe and healthy game for ALL KIDS…big kids, little kids, tall kids, short kids, young kids, older kids…kids who want to play for one season, kids who want to play for twenty seasons, kids who play strictly for fun, and kids who want to compete at the highest level possible. Kids are different, and because they are different their physical, social and psychological needs are different. We at US YOUTH SOCCER recognize this and our programs are aimed at meeting the different needs of ALL KIDS.

SMSC and US Youth Soccer provides a healthy activity through its recreational and small sided games programs. These programs emphasize FUN, and de-emphasize winning at all costs. Every child is guaranteed playing time and the game is taught in a fun and enjoyable atmosphere.

For the player with advanced skills and greater ambition, highly competitive leagues are offered (Division I). This player might have his or her sights set on a college soccer scholarship or playing for the U. S. Olympic or National teams. SMSC has also begun participating in the All-Star programs and our teams have been very competitive at a State-wide level.

What do you need to become a coach for SMSC?

1. Willingness to donate your time once or twice a week.
2. Willingness to learn and to take a coach education course hosted by SMSC.
3. Fill-out a Coach Registration Form
4. Fill out a Kidsafe Form.  If you are a past coach with a gotsoccer account you can access the form HERE by logging in to your got soccer account with your login and password.

If you are new or have forgotten your login information please contact the SMSC registrar, Lindsay Huckabee, or 228-897-SMSC (7672).

What happens if there are too many coaches for an age group?

1. The coaches with the highest license will get selected first. For example, a coach with a State D license will be selected before a coach with only a Youth Module level
2. A coach with a Youth Module license will get selected before a coach without a license.
3. If there is a tie between qualifications of coaches, the Director of Coaching will select the coach or coaches.

Why do you need a coaching license?

1. First, it is mandatory.
2. It makes your job a LOT easier as a coach. You learn what is age appropriate for the age group you are coaching. You also learn new activities that help to make your practices fun and effective.
3. For U10 and up, you cannot coach your team at the District Tournament unless you have a license. Remember, we send up to 4 teams to District in some age groups.
4. Most importantly, it is the right thing to do for the players.

More information on Coaching Courses:

If you have already completed the online portion of the coaching license and already attended the field session please contact Dr. Terry Eguaoje at techdirector@mississippisoccer.organd give him your confirmation number from the website and the date and location that you attended the field session.

IAll coaches, assistant coaches, referees, board members and any other volunteers are required to fill out a background check with the state each year.  Once you are setup in the computer as a coach you will receive an email from or with a user name and password to login to your coaching profile.  Once logged in you need to click on “Background Checks” and fill out the required information.

MSA is requiring coaching licenses for all coaches for the 2011-2012 season.  If you are planning to coach you will need the license listed below.

U5, U6, U7 & U8 – U6/8 Module.  This is a two part course with about 45 minutes online and a 1 1/2 hour field session. The field session will be held at the coaches meeting.  This cost of this course is $16.
Click Here To Register. If you have never had a coaching license from MSA you will have to click on the link that says “Or, if you are a new Mississippi Soccer coach, and have never taken a Mississippi Soccer Coaching Course, please use the link below: Take an e-Coaching Course”

U10 & U12 – U10/12 Module.  This is a two part course with about 45 minutes online and a 1 1/2 hour field session. The field session will be held at the coaches meeting.  This cost of this course is $35.
Click Here To Register. If you have never had a coaching license from MSA you will have to click on the link that says “Or, if you are a new Mississippi Soccer coach, and have never taken a Mississippi Soccer Coaching Course, please use the link below: Take an e-Coaching Course”

If you are having difficulties taking the online portion of the coaching license below are detailed instructions on how to do it:
Website navigation to access coach certification quiz:
1) Go to the Mississippi Soccer Association website –
2) Click on E-Coach Link (located to the right side of website)
3) Click on red bar to register for course near the top of the page (entitled “Click Here to Register for a Level I, II, III Course”)
4) Please ignore login, go to bottom of screen and click on take an E-Coaching Course
5) Complete credit card information for your coaching license.  U6/U8 fee $16.00  or U10/U12 fee for $35.00
6) Choose U6/U8 or U10/U12 Course Module.  Be sure to tell your trainer at the field seminar/session which age group for the quiz you completed rather than the age you will be coaching.

U14, U16 & U19 – Level E License. This is an all weekend (Friday night, Saturday & Sunday) course.  The cost of this course is $65.
Click Here To Register.

If you already have a coaching license it does not expire and you do not have to take another coaching clinic this season unless you need to upgrade your license for the age group that you plan to coach this season.  If you have a Level III license from the old licensing system you are already licensed to coach any age group from U5 – U12.

Please ignore background check information.  You will complete a KidSafe background check at a later date.
When you complete the quiz, print 2 copies so you may give 1 to the trainer (at the field session) and keep the other copy for your records.

SMSC uses volunteer coaches for all its Division I, II, and III teams. For Division III in particular, we are in need of many volunteers, and so we encourage all parents to consider volunteering to participate in this necessary and rewarding experience. Coaches will receive training prior to the start of the season, and will be required to complete an on-line coaching course specific to the age group of the team(s) being coached. There is a small fee associated with this training course.

Persons desiring to be coaches must fill out a Coach Registration Form. These forms are available here. Coaches will also be required to submit to a background check required by MSA. See the Coaches Info section of this website for more information.

In the event that there are more coaches in an age group/neighborhood than needed, the coach with the highest coaching certification will get first choice.


Click Here for a coaches registration form.

Click Here for the SMSC forfeit policy.

Click Here to complete your Kid Safe background check.

Click Here for the Coaches Handbook.


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